Pafka 0.3.0 Release: Low-cost Solution to Peak Traffic Scenario in Kafka

#Download and start docker
docker run -it 4pdopensource/pafka-dev bash
# start zookeeper
bin/ config/ > zk.log 2>&1 &
# start pafka server
bin/ config/ > pafka.log 2>&1 &
# test producer performance
bin/ --topic test --throughput 1000000 --num-records 1000000 --record-size 1024 --producer.config config/ --producer-props bootstrap.servers=localhost:9092
# test consumer performance
bin/ --topic test --consumer.config config/ --bootstrap-server localhost:9092 --messages 1000000 --show-detailed-stats --reporting-interval 1000 --timeout 100000
# 100 Gbps network configuration
# Thread related
# Tiered storage related configuration
# log file channel type; Options: "file", "pmem", "tiered".
# if "file": use normal file as vanilla Kafka does. Following configs are not applicable.
# the storage types for each layers (separated by ,)
# first-layer storage paths (separated by ,)
# first-layer storage capacities in bytes (separated by ,); -1 means use all the space
# second-layer storage paths (separated by ,)
# threshold to control when to start the migration; -1 means no migration.
# migration threads
# Start the producer test process and write the log to producer.log
python3 bin/ --brokers --threads 16 --hosts "$TEST_NODE" --num_records 2000000000 --record_size 1024 --type producer --use_dynamic --dynamic 100000:500000:2000000 --sleept 360 --only_min_max --wait_for_all > producer.log 2>&1 &
# Start the consumer test process and write the log to the consumer.log
python3 bin/ --brokers --threads 16 --hosts "$TEST_NODE" --num_records 2000000000 --type consumer --wait_for_all > consumer.log 2>&1 &



-- — Leveraging Modern Storage Architecture for System Enhancement

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MemArk — Leveraging Modern Storage Architecture for System Enhancement

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