MemArk ( is a tech community leveraging modern memory architecture evolution. We are focusing on persistent memory (PMEM) technology as well as its applications with particular PMEM-aware optimization. We are building a leading community in both academia and industry that enables the persistent memory technology for both cutting-edge research and…

1. Release Notes

Pafka 0.2.0 has been released( ). Pafka is an optimized version of the popular open source stream-processing platform Apache Kafka. It enhances Kafka by introducing tiered storage architecture awareness. Compared with the previous version Pafka 0.1.1, the major features introduced are as follows:

  • It introduces tiered storage architecture aware…

In-Depth Interpretation of the Latest VLDB 2021 Paper: Artificial Intelligence Driven Real-Time Decision System Database and Optimization Based on Persistent Memory

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One of the most reputable database academic conference VLDB 2021 ( ) is held this…

MemArk — Leveraging Modern Storage Architecture for System Enhancement

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